Hi my nam is bill

Without saying a word, she gestures to the bus driver by sticking her thumb on her nose and waving her fingers at the driver. The driver acknowledges the lady, turns to her and uses both hands in the same type of gesture and waves all his fingers at her. The woman holds her right arm out at the driver and chops at it a few times with her left hand. Then the driver puts his left hand on his right bicep and jerks his right arm up in a fist at her.

Hi my nam is bill

Posted by rick brann June 17,3: He was in his favorite unit then the th. Though he detested blue bippy day. If anyone remembers him please post back here or send me an email. It would really brighten his day to hear from some old friends.

I am his son Art orygundewd yahoo. My first assignment and only lasted 1 year then off to Vietnam for more fun. Posted by Jim Chapman November 12,1: I enjoyed the people I worked with.

I have lost all my Squadron patches, was wondering where I could get one? Posted by Gary Howell January 23, Soon as I got to the 48th in then sent me to altitude chamber and put me on flight status and I would go to the th and fly out to Hawaii for duty.

I liked the area but was gone most of the time and it was hard on Sally and the boys. Had real good assignments at Sembach, Crete and at Rhine Main with the th. Posted by Dick Roberts March 22,9: But I did like blue bippy day and blousing my boots because everyone on base knew you were from the 48th.

Worked in Materiel Control supply section and we were still digging out stuff that had come back from Vietnam. They took me under their collective wings and made sure I learned how to play dominoes and throw darts.

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Posted by Hap Parsons August 5, Went to Offutt and the th after that. Posted by William Zimmer September 11,2: I was also in the th fromas a crypto maint tech, along with Ken Davis and Bill Hitchcock now deceased according to Gary Ellmore.

It would be great to have a reunion sometime. There were also Sgt Hart and Sgt Hood. Also would like to hear from others there during that time.

Posted by David Wright March 10,4: Posted by reaman March 20,9: Posted by Dick Dukes July 22,8: Posted by Bob Meeker December 28,9: Lots of memories though, Grandpa died while I was there, and my daughter was born. Started my first softball team there.

Lived in my first single wide trailer, learned Morse, bought me a shotgun, and learned how to plink rabbits at Lake Nasworthy…. Posted by Dave Overstreet X2 February 16, Carol Manalini sp was the first female officer in a Moble outfit.

Posted by Paul Hiday March 13,3:My Name Is Bill W reunited the stars of the highly acclaimed TV movie The Promise: James Garner and James Woods.

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This time Woods has the bigger role as the real-life Bill Wilson, who comes Director: Daniel Petrie. Hi. My name is Bill - Galt's Gulch. Mar 22,  · Music video by Matthew West performing Hello, My Name Is (Lyrics). (P) (C) Sparrow Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violatio.

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Hi my nam is bill

As a journalist, Paxton Andrews would experience Vietnam firsthand. We follow her from high school in Savannah to college in Berkeley and then to work in Saigon. For the soldiers she knew and met there.

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