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In the —10 season, the team booked its best league result since after finishing 12th in the Eredivisie. They also signed toddler Baerke van der Meij on a symbolic ten-year contract, after a video featuring him scoring a hat trick into a toy box went viral. The departure of Honda turned out to be a key point in the club's season.

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VV Cephei experiences both primary and secondary eclipses during a Secondary eclipses are so shallow that they have not been detected photometrically since the secondary obscures such a small proportion of the large cool primary star. Only Epsilon Aurigae has a longer period among eclipsing binaries.

Visual and infrared variations appear unrelated to variations at ultraviolet wavelengths. A period of 58 days has been reported in UV, [19] while the dominant period for longer wavelengths is It has been predicted that the disc surrounding the secondary would produce such brightness variability.

The material surrounding the hot secondary produces emission lines, including [FeII] forbidden lines, the B[e] phenomenon known from other stars surrounded by circumstellar disks.

The hydrogen emission lines are double-peaked, caused by a narrow central absorption component.

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This is caused by seeing the disk almost edge on where it intercepts continuum radiation from the star. This is characteristic of shell stars. The typical B spectrum with some emission is replaced by a spectrum dominated by thousands of emission lines as portions of the disc are seen with the continuum from the star blocked.

During ingress and egress, the emission line profiles change as one side or the other of the disc close to the star becomes visible while the other is still eclipsed. Rapid random variations in the short wavelength i. Shell absorption lines show variable radial velocities, possibly due to variations in accretion from the disk.

Emission from FeII and MgII strengthens around periastron or secondary eclipses, which occur at about the same time, but the emission lines also vary randomly throughout the orbit.

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Its strength varies randomly and rapidly out of eclipse, but it becomes much weaker and relatively constant during the primary eclipses. Although some older studies found a larger distance and consequently very high luminosity and radius, it now seems that the distance is likely to be around 1.

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VVV-Venlo (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌveːveːˈveː ˈvɛnloː], VVV stands for Venlose Voetbal Vereniging [ˈvɛnloːzə ˈvudbɑl vəˈreːnəɣɪŋ]) is a football club from Venlo, Netherlands, playing in the Eredivisie.

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Vccvb cv

Brazilian rosewood forearm, 52 NOP inlays in the forearm, with pearlized plastic rings, brazilian rosewood butt sleeve with 20 MOP inlays, Original by Palmer foil, great condition window.

FS: Palmer Model L, RESTORED -