Writing a person specification

Within this video and article we take a look at how one is constructed and how you can predict the interview questions from the desirable and essential criteria that form part of this person specification example. Without one, an employee will have no guidance or rules on how to perform in their role, and more importantly, what is expected of them.

Writing a person specification

I think the key to 'avoiding problems' will be to ensure that whoever elicits and documents the requirements does so in a way that is understandable to non-technical client representatives.

I've worked with several customers who won't even look at requirements specifications let alone give input into them. They come into the project with one or two paragraphs describing the product they want, have an hour or so kick-off when you can ask them questions and then they go hands off until reviews leaving us to drill down into detailed requirements.

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I've found scrum to help decently here as the whole process is built around keeping the customer involved. Guessing what the customer wants is generally not a successful strategy.

Whoever has the best handle on what the customer s want would be the best choice - whether that's a developer, tester, project manager or business analyst. I've seen it done by each in my career and the reason it works or doesn't work solely depends on how much the person can identify what the customer s truly want and then document it in such a way that engineers can translate them into a functioning product.

Unfortunately, the team rarely gets to make the decision on what customers to do business with. Many executive teams out there see only the dollar signs and don't care if the customer is difficult or not. I've been told "just do the best you can" many times when I've reported lack of customer involvement.

I'm fairly agnostic on whether this process should be undertaken by a business analyst or project manager. I've been in situations - particularly in small organisations - where these roles overlap or are performed by the same person.

Since you have neither resource available to you I think you need to identify someone whose role - as far as possible - spans both business and technical domains. If you work in an agile environment I wonder if a scrum master or similar might be the most appropriate person.

Alternatively the role could be split between someone on the technical side e.When writing a person specification, it is often suggested by guides that the content be measurable, and it cannot contain content that would directly or indirectly discriminate unnecessarily against protected groups.

Many employers currently use core competencies to build their person specification.

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Supervised procedures must be confirmed in writing by organisation where undertaken. *** In each gestational age category. Page 6 of 8 Job Outline and Person Specification – Surgeon TOP Job Outline and Person Specification – Surgeon TOP HRD PERSON SPECIFICATION: Doctor - Consultation Centre and/or DCU Attribute Important Desirable.

Avoid being vague, and don't waste space writing about skills you have that aren't relevant - see example questions and answers for help.

Personal statement - write a well-structured, well-argued case that you are the right person for the job, again referring to the person specification set out in the advert.


How to Write a Job Description and Person Specifications Recruiting new staff is a hugely expensive purchase. Apart from the one-off costs of the recruitment process, advertising etc., there is the ongoing cost of the successful candidate. According to NCARB, “specifications are written by a person who has an in-depth knowledge of construction products, materials, and processes.

A spec writer also needs field construction.

writing a person specification

Job specification is also a note which has functions that are assigned to the employee by the employer. A perfect job specification acts as advantages of person specification i.e, in finding out the best candidate suitable for the role.

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